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Case Studies

Pest control solutions in Cardiff

With in-depth knowledge and expertise, the team at Mr Wasp has gained a great wealth of experience in removing all types of insect infestations. We have studied a lot of our cases to hone our skills in bee, wasp and hornet removal. If you have any questions, contact our team of experts in Cardiff and Newport.

Customised solutions for suit you!

If there is one thing we have learned over 35 years of dealing with wasp, bee and hornet infestations, it's that no two situations are identical. From wasps invading birds' nests, sheds and attics to bees hanging out under a trampoline and hornets creating a buzz in the attic, we have dealt with a number of cases.

When we come out, we will assess your needs and offer the most effective solution to rid your property of these unwanted pests quickly and affordably. The case studies below highlight just how important it is to keep our contact details handy. We serve throughout South Wales including Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Barry, Chepstow, Pontypridd, Merthyr and Pontypool.
What should you look for?
wasp squatters

Wasp squatters

For almost 12 years Mrs Jones looked forward to the house martins nesting in the eaves of her rural bungalow.

To her disappointment, one year no birds arrived. One afternoon she noticed what looked like paper attached to the outside and realised that the nest was indeed occupied, not by house martins but by wasps!

An appointment was made for Mr Wasp to call the following day and the wasp infestation was removed without damaging the bird nest.

“Very good service and thank you for saving the bird nest.”

- Mrs Jones, Dinas Powis
bee swarm

Bee swarm removal

Twelve children were playing in the garden at Mrs. Peters' daughter’s 10th birthday party one summer's day when all of a sudden, one of the children came running in and said that it was “raining bees” in the garden.

Mrs. Peters went outside to investigate and sure enough the air was black with bees.

Horrified, Mrs. Peters grabbed the kids and ran inside. Her husband had heard of Mr Wasp and called him straight away.

We arrived later that afternoon, and were able to transfer the bees into a hive and take them away to be relocated.

Playhouse pests

Mr Cook was really looking forward to having his two grandchildren stay for the weekend during the school holiday.

He decided to clean out the playhouse in readiness and had a real shock when he discovered an enormous wasp nest built around the play cooker.

"I rang Mr Wasp immediately and explained the urgency of the situation. He came and removed the nest before my grandchildren arrived, brilliant service!"

- Mr Cook, Cwmbran
garden swarms

Unwanted garden guests

Mr and Mrs Jackson had returned from their summer holiday and decided to invite their family around for Sunday lunch to catch up.

Mr Jackson set up the BBQ and called his wife to help lift the large garden table into position.

As soon as they began to lift the table they were greeted by dozens of angry wasps who were not impressed with somebody moving their home across the patio.

“I've not moved that fast in years” said Mr Jackson. "My wife just screamed and had dropped her end of the table before I realised what was going on".

“I was stung twice on my hands but it could have been far worse had my grandchildren found it”.

“Thanks for your quick response. We just looked up wasp nest removal on the internet and found Mr Wasp who came that afternoon and removed the nest whole, excellent job!”

- Mr Jackson, Itton, Chepstow
misfiled insects

Misfiled insects

Mr Evans had been planning to have a good clear out of his garage for some time and finally decided to tackle it one Saturday morning in July.

He began to sort out the items he was going to take to the tip and came across an old wooden filing cabinet.

He picked it up and made his way down the driveway towards his car when all of a sudden his wife shouted at him from the front room window that there were dozens of wasps following behind.

“I didn’t notice anything wrong at first” said Mr Evans, “but when I realised what was happening I just dropped the cabinet and ran inside. I was very fortunate to only receive a couple of stings - it could have been much worse!”

Mr Wasp came and promptly removed the nest from the cabinet without anyone else getting stung.

“Mr Wasp was a little amazed I didn't notice the cloud of wasps following me, but we were able to laugh at the whole situation because he was able to sort it out without any more trouble. Thank you Mr Wasp, would recommend him to anyone!”

- Mr Evans
bouncing bees

Bouncing bees

Mrs Thomas was washing up after lunch during the May bank holiday. As the weather was fine she encouraged her two boys to go outside and play on the trampoline.

Out they went and just as they were about to climb up the access ladder, Mrs Thomas noticed what she thought was a ball hanging from underneath.

“I thought a rugby ball had wedged itself in the springs of the trampoline" she explained, "but as I knelt down to remove it I had the shock of my life, a swarm of bees had decided to rest underneath the canvas”.

Mr Wasp was able to coax the bees into a hive and take them away to a permanent home.

“It was great to see”, said Mrs Thomas, "there were thousands of them all walking into the hive like an army. To think that my children were about to jump pm top of 15,000 bees makes me shiver".

“Excellent service, I would recommend Mr Wasp to anyone. He was great with the kids and explained everything to them as we went along - thank you again”.

- Mrs Thomas, Rumney, Cardiff
For hornet removal services in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, call the team at Mr Wasp.
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