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Horror Stories

Safe honey bee relocation

Do you have a swarm of honey bees living on your property? Are you looking for specialists who offer honey bee relocation services in Cardiff? Call the team at Mr Wasp we serve throughout South Wales including Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Barry, Chepstow, Pontypridd, Merthyr and Pontypool.
honey bees after relocation

Horror stories

We've definitely had some strange call-outs in our time here at Mr Wasp. Most of the people we speak to, have only seen a few wasps or bees happily buzzing about their daily lives, out of the way and out of trouble.

However, sometimes it gets a bit more interesting than that. From stings to swarms, giant nests and honeycomb, we've seen it all. These are just a few examples of the stories we've come across and what just might happen when you don't act fast.
Case studies

The stuff of nightmares

Mr & Mrs Miller were disturbed by a constant tapping and scratching noise coming from above their bedroom ceiling. Convinced they had a water leak they called a plumber to investigate.

The plumber came and went into the loft, armed with his torch and tool box. Shining his torch towards the water tank, the plumber came across a huge wasp nest hanging from the adjacent rafter. The wasps were attracted to the light of the torch and came straight for him. Although he received several stings to his chest, hands and face the plumber was able to escape through the hatch without serious injury.

We were able to safely remove the whole nest to allow the Millers a more peaceful night's sleep.

"Mr Wasp was brilliant! He sorted it out straight away and I can finally get a good night’s sleep. Thank you so, so much!"

- Mr & Mrs Miller

Humungous honeycomb

Mrs Phillips knew that bees had taken up residence in her chimney, but decided that as they weren't bothering her she would leave them be.

However, after a couple of years later, she decided to move and she was advised to sort out the problem and called Mr Wasp to see what could be done.

"Mr Wasp explained that the bees had established themselves and had built a vast amount of honeycomb in the chimney flume."

"Mr Wasp organised everything and removed over 70kg of honeycomb from the chimney. I can't thank him enough. Very quick and efficient, I would recommend him to everyone."

- Mrs Phillips, Cardiff

A close call

Mr Evans had a near miss when he opened his shed door. The wasps had built their nest attached to the door frame.

When the door was opened it split the nest in half.

"I was lucky to only receive a couple of stings" said Mr Evans "If the nest had been bigger I could have been seriously injured. I rang Mr Wasp that evening and he removed the nest the next day. Excellent service from a local company, thank you!"

- Mr Evans
For safe and efficient honey bee relocation services in Cardiff and Newport, call Mr Wasp today.
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